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【OD体育手机版】 独家新编英语日常交流口语8000句:身份、旅行

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本文摘要:英语日常交流口语中,英语口语8000句值得我们学习一下。英语口语8000句包罗种种主题,你所能想到的英语日常交流口语都市涉及。 找小同伴举行英语口语训练的时候,用上英语口语8000句再适合不外了,灵活运用这些英语日常交流口语,多说、多读,形成口腔影象,想要用到时就能够表达出来,这才气叫把英语口语训练好了。独家新编英语日常交流口语8000句:身份、旅行一、关于身份的英语口语8000句精选:1.How do you do?你好2.Who are you?你是谁?



找小同伴举行英语口语训练的时候,用上英语口语8000句再适合不外了,灵活运用这些英语日常交流口语,多说、多读,形成口腔影象,想要用到时就能够表达出来,这才气叫把英语口语训练好了。独家新编英语日常交流口语8000句:身份、旅行一、关于身份的英语口语8000句精选:1.How do you do?你好2.Who are you?你是谁? 3.I’m a teacher.我是老师。

 4.What do you do?你是做什么的?5.He's a cooker,too.他也是个厨师。6.Aren't they singer?他们不是歌手吗?7.May I know your name?请问您叫什么名字?8.How do I address you?我该怎么称谓您呢?9.Who is that over there?那里谁人人是谁? 10.Who is the guy over there?那里谁人人是谁?11.Is that lady a student? 那位女士是学生吗? 12.No,she isn't.不,她不是。

 13.Are you student of this school?你是这个学校的学生吗? 14.Yes,I am.是的。 15.That man is a employee of this company,isn't he? 谁人人是这个公司的员工,对吗? 16.Yes,he is.是的,他是。 17.Who are those people? 那些人是谁?18.I believe you are Paul?我想你是保罗? 19.Are you an engineer?你是一个工程师吗?20.I'm a fashion designer.我是一名服装设计师。

独家新编英语日常交流口语8000句:身份、旅行21.Maybe they're photographer.他们可能是摄影师。 22.I really don't know about them.我真的不知道他们。

 23.Those men aren't students,either.那些人也不是学生。 24.May I know what you do?我能问一下你是做什么事情的吗?25.Are you an exchange student from China?你是中国来的交流生吗?26.You must be Professor Wang's assistant.你一定是王教授的助手吧。27.I think I've seen you somewhere before.我想我以前似乎在什么地方见过你。

28.You're that Mr. Roberts who works for MD Company, aren't you?你是谁人在MD公司事情的罗伯茨先生,对吧?二、关于旅行的英语口语8000句精选:29.Have a good trip.祝旅途愉快。30.I'm going by air.我要乘飞机。31.Single or return?单程还是往返?32.Are you going by boat?你坐船去吗?33.Do you need directions?你需要向导吗?34.I want to rest a while.我想休息一会儿。

35.What time will it be over?什么时候竣事?36.Would you like to go for a walk?你想去散步吗?37.It was a five-hour flight.这是一次5小时的航行。38.I think you are in my seat.我想你坐在我位置上了。

39.What kind of tours do you have?都有哪些门路的旅行呢?40.I suggest an open return.我建议不限制回程日期的往返票。独家新编英语日常交流口语8000句:身份、旅行41.I want a English-speaking guide.我想要一位会英语的向导。

42.My brother took a trip to Russia.我的兄弟去了俄罗斯旅行。43.How many passengers were on the train? 火车上有几多搭客?44.I hope you have a good time on your trip.我希望你旅途愉快。45.It's faster to go by plane than by boat.乘飞机去比坐船快得多。

46.What's the quickest way to get there? 到那里最快的方法是什么?47.Are you going to go anyplace this year?今年你计划去什么地方吗?48.You are allowed one piece of hand baggage.你可以带一件手提行李。49.Can you recommend a hotel which is cheap?你能推荐一家自制的旅馆吗?50.I have to confirm my plane reservation.我想确认一下我的航班预订情况。51.His friend was injured in an airplane crash.他的朋侪在一次飞机失事中受伤。52.I wish I had enough money to rent a private car.我希望有足够的钱租辆汽车。

53.Altogether it will take ten days to make the trip.这次旅行总共要花十天时间。54.It allows you to return on any day within a month.你可以在一个月内任何一天返回。55.The worst part of flying is when the plane taks off.乘飞机最难受的时刻是飞机起飞时。56.If I have enough money,I'm going to take a trip abroad.如果我有足够的钱,我将去外洋旅行。

57.Let's go out to the airport. The plane landed ten minutes ago.我们去机场吧,飞机十分钟前着陆了。58.I'm leaving tomorrow,but I haven't packed my suitcases yet.我明天就要走了,但我还没有收拾好我的手提箱。59.If you can ,try to get a layover in Hawaii,you won't be sorry.如果可能的话,中途在夏威夷停留一下,你不会忏悔的。60.I will forget it if you hadn't mentioned it.如果你不提醒我,我会忘了。




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